Sunday, April 18, 2010

Imam Khomeini's Effort to Unite Muslims against the enemies

I was curious about Imam Khomeini’s contribution towards the unity among Muslims. What he said is not unusual for a leader who wants to be a great leader, leader of not only the world of Shia Muslims but also the rest of it. But it is just the rhetoric, not real. The division and disunity within Muslim ummah is of many kinds including the sectarian division: Shia and Sunni. This division is deep rooted, both theological and ideological differences, rightly or wrongly, rather wrongly. Shiism and Sunnism were not preached by the Prophet, let alone the Quran. Therefore, both secterianisms must be talked about as issue of unity vs. disunity in the Muslim ummah. Imam Khomeini could have denounce both Shiism and Sunnism, but he did not. He knew that as long as Shias believe in shiism, they theologically reject, rather condemn the Sunnis as Sunnis, not Muslims.
Although Sunnis, almost 100%, sympathize with Imam Husain against Muwawiya and his son Yazid, Sunnis are still Sunnis because they are refusing to accept the Shia Islam, which is much better than the position of Jews in the eyes of Christian belief for the murder of Jesus called the “Jewish Deicide” a charge of collective guilt for all time, unless the Jews become Christian. The Shia rejection of Sunnis is so strong that they don’t consider Sunnis as Muslims. The Sunnis, on the other hand, do not consider Shias as the true followers of the Quran and Sunna simply because the Shias virtually worship their imams and waiting for the last one, the 12th imam, who was never born, nobody saw, never existed, it is all imaginary, to appear divinely. They had made the entire Islam suspended for them until the Imam reappears, which will never happen because he never existed.
By being the Imam worshipers, the Shias are just like the Catholics, who worship Jesus, and Hindus worshiping Krishna and Ramayan, without one God. They could be worshiping one God today had they followed their divine scripture. Shias have virtually abandoned the teaching of the Quran and the Prophet in preference to waiting for the imaginary Imam, Imam Mahdi, who never existed. Imam Khomeini did not renounce these main issues of sectarianism to unite Muslims under the banner of Quran and Sunnah. So, he was not real, nor sincere. Iranian leaders are following Imam Khoneini absolutely, but not the Quran, and talking about the unity in the same way Khomeini did, but that is the way of insincerity and dishonesty, actually Un-Islamic. Iran, if sincere, must denounce both Shiism and Sunnism on grounds of the Quran and the Prophet and affiliate itself with the Islam of Quran and the Prophet of God. No one can fool with God. All Muslims must remember, mere victory, say over America in 1979, does not make Shiism or Sunnism a valid or invalid sect of Islam. This victory is both moral and material, which God knows better. Muslims must be critical about their faith and behavior in light of the teachings of the Quran and example of the Prophet of it. Neither the Shias nor the Sunnis are doing that self-criticism and that has made them just like the Christians and Jews and it needs to be fixed.


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