Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Treaty of Hudaibiya: Iran must follow it as the model in dealing with the West

I am worried about another embarrassment that will cause by the Israeli attack not only on the nuclear facilities but also on Tehran to cripple the entire infrastructure, much more severe than it did to Egypt in 1967, Iraq in 1981 and Syria in 2007. It will do again on Iran, and will cause a huge embarrassment to the entire Muslim ummah and humiliate them. Then Israel will give the Palestinians what they want, independence and the land, so the rest of the world will be silent.

I don't think Iran is looking at the world, the enemies, through the eyes of God, simply because they cannot do so while believe in the idol of Mahdi alMuntazir and almost worship this imaginary god who never existed. They should reform their belief and concentrate only in the Quran and follow its teachings and the wisdom of the Prophet, instead of the imaginary god of Imam Mahdi. They must also follow the model of the Treaty of Hudaibiya in dealing with the enemies allowing the enemies bully a bit, while hoping the enemy's defeat in time.

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