Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Welcome To Israel, Joe!" by Yousef Munayyer

Israel insulted America and the members of all civil societies, just like the way, for instance, the Turks, Iran, Iraq, and Syria would do to anyone speak for the right of the Kurd in the Middle East because nationalism does not regard the issues of justice as moral or legal, but of "might-is-right" kind of norm that has sprung from the colonial and post colonial mentality. What Israel and those Middle Easter countries are doing to their victims is nothing Jewish or Zionist, but egoistic colonial and post colonial manner of arrogance. So, the problem between Israel and Palestinians could only be resolved by force.

Alternatively, the main powers of the world including the UN today must first confess and pass resolutions to confess the mistake and injustice done to the people of Palestine by creating the state of Israel and by mandating it as a legitimate state. The world powers must also apologizing to the people of Palestine just like the way the whites have apologized to the Native Americans and black people, the victims, for their past treatment of them, followed by unconditional support for the victims in Palestine. Israel then automatically be demoralized and feel helpless to stop behaving the way it is behaving now, including the Zionists. the pressure should also be exhorted upon those Middle Eastern countries to release the lands they are occupying that belong to the people of Kurd. Thing will change and the world will be back to normal.

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