Saturday, December 19, 2009

Iran Seeks Compensation, What about the poor Palestinain Victims?

This should be the beginning of the demand for justice against all other injustices committed following the WW I and WWII, especially the victimization of the people of Palestine since 1917. The perpetrators of this injustice are chronologically the UK, US, and UN. Not to mention the Zionists and their servants.

Countries willing to stand for justice must begin demanding of Britain, US, and UN to confess for the crime committed against humanity that amount to moral and legal atrocities by announcing the Balfour Declaration in 1917, by creating the State of Israel on the land and home of the people of Palestine, and by supporting Zionist illegal activities with veto power that caused millions of Palestinian victims to be de-humanized and criminalized, when they are the victims of illegal, unjust, and immoral acts of these three entities: Britain, US, and UN. Unless they first admit that they acted wrongfully and apologize to the people of Palestine, the Zionist ego will never show any humility to the victims, hence not any peace agreement with the victims who the Zionist consider as sub-human beings.

The Pope, the American settlers and the White in general have apologized to the native Indians, to the black people for looting the fortune of the native people, for exterminating them, and for enslavement of the Black people in barbaric way, which is good though too late, but the sufferings of the people of Palestine is just like those of the past. So, before it is too late, a correction process must start with the initiative of God fearing people and the people who stand by the victims against criminal entities.

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