Saturday, December 12, 2009

Muslim Extremists are Todays Nazis: A Tuisted and False color painted to hide the TRUTH

Too much of this propaganda is launched by the Zionists and the Crusaders, the ally in crime. I understand that Arab-Muslims are pursuing their legitimate cause but may be following the wrong methods, especially if they are fabricating stories against the Jews and promoting those within their people, because end does not justify the means, the evil means. What about the Zionists and the Crusaders? Are they honest and truthful? Come on!

Let us get real, if and only if you fear God for being dishonest, unjust, and oppressive, you may want to read what I am going to tell. If not, don't waste your time. You will not benefit from my thought. Instead, you will innovate your evil strategy against all people of the truth, justice, honesty and sincerity. Remember, Arab-Muslims were not promoting such hatred against the Jews for the last 1300 hundred years. On the contrary, Muslims had always been the saviors and shelter givers of Jews when they were persecuted by the Christians for centuries. Jews were treated with respect and given positions in the Islamic administration and many other professional positions. There was almost no incidence of any hateful relationship between Jews and Arab-Muslims until recently. Even at the time of Holocaust when Hitler was killing Jews, the Kind of Morocco took the risk of his life and existence of his kingdom, mainly because Hitler had already occupied France, the colonial authority of Morocco, by rejecting Hitler to execute all the Jews in Morocco. By the way the Jews of Morocco still recognize that incidence and celebrate in honor of the King.

Look Arab-Palestinian land was declared to taken by the British colonial authority and given it to the Zionists followed by the creation of the state of Israel in the land of the People of the land, followed by the occupation of further land in 1967 and 1973 in total disregard of the situation of the people of the land who, as a result, lost their land, home, and dignity. The Balfour declaration of 1917 was illegal, hence a crime against humanity and justice. It was more illegal to officially take the land and create the state of Israel in 1947. You know it well, what is happening to the people of Palestine having tooted their land by intruders and being refugees for over 60 years now, the killings and destruction, and humiliation.

Read books written by the Western authors about the Zionist crimes, just like the Crusaders. Go online and see how many tens of thousands of Jews are unrecognized Zionism and the illegitimate state of Israel. They are in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. Zionism is based on false and fabricated premises, religiously and legally. Religiously Biblical prophesies were relevant the time, place and people over three thousand years back. After Torah came the New Testament and Finally the Quran. The issue of legitimacy of one religion disputed by the other and never resolved. Then comes the legal and secular way of life, both legal, civil, and humanitarian neither of which accept such intrusion, expulsion of the native people for their home and humiliate them like dirt, but the Zionist are doing just that. It is rather shocking to see that the West joined the Zionists in this inhuman, illegal, unjust, unGodly, and oppressive venture of the Zionism and continues to back up the venture. Because no body is to condemn the Britain for creating this criminal tradition, the UN for ratifying and legalizing such criminal entity, and the US for taking part in it and since 1948 for actively supporting and blocking the rest of the world by using its veto power allowing the illegal and immoral entity continue its attrocities against the Palestinian victims. This is criminal and God will not forgive the perpetrators for committing such crime. It is just the matter of time. Palestinian are angry and hateful of the Zionists for reasons, for their survival against injustice and attrocities, let alone occupation. Their hatred is as old as 1917, the year of Balfour declaration. So, instead of criminalizing them and comparing them with the Nazis, be honest, truthful, fair and just, and act seriously at least to give their land that you have occupied beyond the border of Israel that was granted by the UN in 1947.

You will then find the Arab-Muslims are forgiving people. It is an insult to humanity that you are the perpetrators of crime and attrocities, and barbaric treatment of the people of Palestine and, beyond that, you condemn them as Nazis. Fear God and remember, God is just. It is just the matter of time. Remember, what happened to Europe, the self killing and destruction especially in the WW I & II. That probably was from God for the crime committed to the victimms of colonialism over the past centuries. Fear God before it is too late.

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