Saturday, October 24, 2009

Israel-Palestine Resolution: Original sins must be confessed by the West

Dear all: (You are reminded to fear God if you are dishonest, unjust, and oppressive in attitude and actions.)

The original sins with regard to the Israel-Palestine Resolution was the expropriating the land of Palestinian people and giving it to the Zionists. It was first done by the British in 1917 and by the UN in 1947, a sin that has caused the people of Palestine to lose their land, honor, dignity while suffering the pain of loss and humiliation inflicted by the intruders and occupiers who were directed, protected, and supported by the West ever since.

It amazes me to listen how a Zionist talk about their position and about their enemies, especially the Palestinian resistance activities, now it is Hamas, Hezbullah and Iran. Before it was basically PLO and others. Listening to Benjamin Netanyahu speaking in the UN security assembly on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 blasting UN and the rest of the World, especially European nations for not condemning Hamas attack on Israel and not doing enough to deter Iram from advancing in nuclear power, and so on. When Ahmadi Nijad, President of Iran, was talking and blasting the West and Israel for their treatment of the people of Palestine, many walked out the Assembly including the US, but not when Netanyahu was blasting them. Why? Because in their mind and heart Israel is part of them, and so the Middle East has to be managed, no matter how. Legality of issue and moral justification of their actions is not in their dictionary. Best way possible, yes, but if that does not work, any other way, even if that require killing in millions and destroying nations. They did that with the Native Americans, with Africans, with people in the Indian subcontinent, and with themselves (refer to the European wars in the 14th and 15th centuries, the Atlantic wars between 15th and 19th centuries, war in the Americas including the US civil wars, wars following the French revolution culminated in the Napoleonic war that finally stretched to Moscow and took hundreds of thousands of lives, not to mention the I & II World Wars that took 60 million lives. Talking about the killings during the 19th and 20th centuries Algeria alone lost over million lives to earn their freedom in 1962. Indians lost several more millions, and so were the Africans. And now including Iran-Iraq war, Gulf War, and finally Iraq and Afghan wars took close to 3 million lives. This is the summary picture of what to expect from the western mind and culture.

However, the West has also gave birth of some new sense of accountability and fairness, but it only comes on their own term at a time when such apology is irrelevant and too late, not to resolve under pressure the unresolved situation, but to play good guy as they feel like, when the magnitude of the situation has already been diminished. I mean the apology of Pope John Paul II to the Native American in 1990/1991 for looting their wealth, especially the gold, and build the gold roof of cathedral in the Vatican by those gold, whites’ apology to the black people for the sufferings of slavery and to the American Native people for exterminating them, etc. For sure these confessions are not really confessions to suffer the consequence, but to play the good guy game and on their own term.

The West has not come to the point of playing such good-guy game with regard to the injustice inflicted upon the people of Palestine yet and when they do it will be too late. But such apology is needed now urgently, especially by the British, by declaring that the award of Palestine in 1917 to the Zionists to create their new home there was unjust and illegal. Another injustice and illegal act was indulged in by the UN in 1947 by mandating the land of Palestine to the Zionists and giving birth to the state of Israel, as it was unjust to the owners of Palestine, hence illegal. Both British and UN did that in the sheer disregard of the people who physically were the owners of the land and give it to the Zionists, in the way of playing power game. The Zionist thus expelled all Palestinian people from their home and land that began in 1917 with the Balfour declaration and culminated in the UN mandate in 1947. As a result the People of Palestine are since then either refugees or under the occupation, especially since 1967, most of whom are now so called terrorists.

A solution is needed to the situation urgently. Like many other illegal and injustices committed by the colonial west, the creation of Israel in the country of others by expelling the victims was a crime, but it happened and it cannot be and should not be reversed, as many think. Alternatively, the crime of illegality and injustice could be confessed by the British, America, and the UN and ask the people of Palestine, as they had done to others mentioned above, to forgive them for doing this and at the same time urge them to accept the existence of Israel and recognize it, Israel of UN mandate in 1947. This will force the Zionist to morally calm down and to stop talking so arrogantly like this, as Netanyahu did this time as always, to fool the world. The Zionists will not change a bit, they needed to be told by the West that the illegality and injustice committed to the people of Palestine is a fact and truth that needs to be recognized and what is the current fate of the Zionists. But the West will never tell the Zionists the truth, unless they confess themselves the injustice they had committed initially by awarding the Zionists the land that belonged to the Palestinians. The rest of the world thus need to begin talking about the original sins of the West with regard to the plight of Palestinian people and convince them that, yes, it was because of what we the West initiated was indeed illegal and unjust to the people of Palestine and that must first be recognized before expecting the Zionists to humble themselves and confess or even to appreciate the sufferings of the Palestinian victims. By the way, the West will eventually confess, may be unofficially, just like they do now about the Crusaders War, but it was too late for the victims of the Crusaders, and it will be too late as well for the Palestinian cause unless the rest of the world wakes up and make a push to convince the West of their wrong doings to the people of Palestine.

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