Saturday, January 31, 2009

Muslim, Christian, and Jewish America?

There is a good article on the models of Americanism entitled, "Beyond Herberg: An Islamic Perspective On Religious Pluralism In The USA After 9/11" by H. Salem available online: In this article you will find that Muslim community and religious leaders are looking beyond this model of Judaeo-Christian-Islamic or Abrahamic culture of America and suggesting that the new motto of all these religious groups should be simply 'Americanness', because American now, as demonstrated by scholars like Diana Eck, that in America now there are Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs and many more religious communities all of them are now in big size. So, to be fair, American people should be realistic and look beyond their tunnel vision. With this, the issue of Muslim inclusion in the cultural and religious platform is non isue. But Muslims' place in America and their role in the promotion of Americanness along with their counterparts, Christians and Jews, remain an issue. Again, it would not be an issue either had there not been the crisis of Zionist entity of Israel and the sufferings of Palestinians, as a result, was not there.
You are insulting President Carter, but he is the most conscientious American leader that everybody should be proud of. What he has confessed with regard to the conflict in the Middle East, is the truth that everybody knows about, but many of you do not admit the truth for reasons that no one should fail to understand. The evil faith, evil desire, evil attitude, evil religious position, evil character and evil frame of mind, as per the sense of legality, ownership, plunderism, theft, murder, and legal, ethical, and moral sense of justice is concerned. Taking land from the legal inhabitants of it, occupying more from around, dehumanizing the victims, ethnic cleansing and exterminating them like cockroach represent an effort of "new world order" that redefine the concept of legal right of land, treatment of human being the way the Zionist are doing, with many of your support, driving the people from their home and transform those home and land into yours are some of the examples of the "new wold order" the the British first initiated in 1917 by giving the land of Palestinian people to the Jews and subsequently the entire West, the US being the leader of it, has created a order that can only generate conflict, crisis, and blood shed with never ending episode. It hearts me to see that millions of people in the West are actively supporting this "new World Order" based on evil faith, evil desire and evil method of holding it. This evil ridden situation can be stopped in a matter of second by just confession the guilt of creating the state of Israel, of occupation, of dehumanization of the Palestinians, of destroying them systematically, of continuous settlement project (it is going on as we are talking), of not recognizing the truth of the conflict, of deceiving the world and your own conscience, of lies, and many more. Then apologize and ask the Arabs and Muslims to accept the existing Israel that was mandated by the UN. I guarantee, they will accept Israel and forgive the evil mongers, if not forget. Also, because they know that it was the crimes committed by the Zionists, not by the real God fearing Jews, and there are many Jews and Christians who are against Zionism.

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