Thursday, October 6, 2011

My response to Mike-Hassan controversy over Arab-Israeli conflict

I would like to invite all to reflect on the divine perspective in concerning fairness and justice, especially in dealing with dispute between people. God teaches the believers to uphold the truth, fairness and justice even if that position goes against your own interest and the interest of your kith and kin. So, in principle, believers must take a stand against any kind of injustice inflicted upon the victims no matter who are the perpetrators. Thus, the narrative of Mike is true about the existence of host of injustices inflicted in every corner of the globe. As if, entire humanity continues to be infested by unjust behaviors of those wrong people who are holding the power, rather illegally. I may even add to the list of such narrative the sufferings of Kurds by their fellow Muslim people and countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey who are denying the right of freedom for the Kurds. The believers must also not ignore or refuse to recognize the truth about the killings of Armenians at the wake of World War I, as they must fear God. However, is it fair to bring the example of those wrong doings to argue against and undermine the sufferings of the people of Palestine, rather defending the actions of Zionists in the pretext such narrative? I don't think that such defensive mentality reflect in any way an honest, sincere and objective attitude of the defenders of Zionist agenda. It is rather expected that the Jews, zionist and non-zionist alike, must feel, more than anybody else, for the pain and sufferings of Palestinian people, because of what they had gone through in the past two Melania. Thus, occupation and brutality must not be the way of Zionism. One must not also forget the fact, while defending Israel, that Israel was imposed on the people of the land who had the natural and moral reason to resist intrusion. Any people will do that and has been doing everywhere in the world, as the narrative of Mike, because it is a natural reaction of the victims against the perpetrators. Yet, let us don't ignore the fact that all pro-Palestinian stakeholders by now are ready, in fact proposing, to recognize, albeit with pain, the state of Israel within the pre-1967 border. I believe, even Hamas will eventually accept Israel of the same border, but the ball is in the court of the Zionists. They must be ready to withdraw from the occupied territories, plain and simple, and understand that the time has changed not to the benefit of occupation, as the world is against it, and will continue changing in the same direction until the end of the occupation. The Zionists for their true security and honor, must not continue living in illusion of their false pride and hope. Instead, they must become realistic, honest and sincere about the sufferings of the victims caused by their venture of Zionism. Otherwise, it is just a matter of time, when it will be too late even to say sorry. History of power politics tells us that.

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