Saturday, September 24, 2011

Alan is wrong and Abbas is right about the real peace between Israel and Arabs

Bad mouthing is the reflection of bad heart and bad character and you have just proven yourself to the world, hence to God.
Listen, Israel was established at the end of an era, colonial era, the norm of which had still alive, hence the West, the UN and the rest of the world accepted Israel. That era and its norm died out now, almost 98%. The Zionists need to understand that reality. Arabs and Muslims had found Israel hard to accept, understandably, but they finally understood that Israel was the outcome of the past era and its norm. Thus, eventually they made a smart decision by expressing their readiness to accept Israel of 1948 border. Israel likewise needs to make a smart move by withdrawing from the occupied lands before asking for negotiated peace with Arabs and Muslims.


  1. The article summarizes Beinart's points well. If I may add, Zionism has a complete success of having a homeland and earning world support on it, if, and only if, Zionism did not commit the transgression of occupation and all that follow after that. All Arabs including all Muslims have already accepted the state of Israel, if, and only if, it did not persist on occupation. And now the world has started withdrawing its support from Israel including the Jews of good conscience. However, it not yet too late for the Zionists to live and sustain with dignity, if, and only if, Israel go back to the 1948 border and withdraw from all the territories occupied during the 1967 war. God save the dignity of innocent Jews and the rest of the humanity and for sure remedy the sufferings of the innocent victims of Palestinian people.
    Well wisher.
    The problem is the irreligious and ungodly attitude and behavior of people who claim to be religious and Godly. As you mentioned: "Israel must survive so that it can later be destroyed to make way for the Second Coming of Christ", why the Evangelists and Zionists do not think and understand that second coming of Jesus cannot be through an unjust and atrocious way, hence the conflict of virtue against vice. They all are failing to see and understand their cause in a right way, only to regret for it when it will be too late, like the Nazis and the Bathists.