Sunday, December 16, 2012

God misunderstood: Jesus was not son of God, but of Mary

Huckabee has a point, but Americans and the rest of the so called Christian world do not have a God, they have Jesus, who is not God, he was a human being appointed by God as His messenger or prophet. People mistakenly made Jesus son of God or God himself, as the Trinity stands for. God is one and absolute authority over all and everything. People themselves made Jesus as their savior when he was a mere messenger and son of Mary. This one mistake resulted to indulging in polytheism of Trinity, drinking alcohol, eating pork, legalizing fornication and adultery in the name of ‘boy-friend and girl-friend as the order of the day in total denial of the sovereignty of God and His divine authority over such issues, etc. As long as this frame of faith and the prevailing behavior continues, no one will ever find God, let alone worshiping Him.

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